School tomorrow …stating the obvious 

Some of you will be in INSET, some will be on holiday,many will be teaching. I am writing this post in the hope that of the people who read this, are not doing schoolwork most of today.

I am in the enviable position as I only have three lessons with Keystage three groups. I then have two days off before a maximum of three lessons on Thursday and Friday. This is because I am on the next stage of my phased return to work. I set myself the target of not doing school work at home. So far, it’s not really a challenge,as my timetable increases again it will be.

I do know that I have lost final days of holidays to last minute panics and hasty work. I got some fresh air earlier at a local nature reserve, managed a sketch in the warmth of the visitor centre. I am going to relax so I go in calm tomorrow. I hope that you can also have some calm time.


5 responses to “School tomorrow …stating the obvious 

  1. Stephen Schwab.

    phased return is a good road. I’ve done it too.
    Tread steadily and win.

  2. Hope you manage to relax and keep calm. I’ve been to the cinema with my family today.

  3. I hope you had a nice first day back! My little year 2’s were back today too. Work life balance is a constant challenge but getting so much better in my 5th year of teaching ☺

    I hope you’re taking your return in stages and don’t push yourself too hard! Like you say, you’ll have more and more work soon.

    I hope you’re well, Matt

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