Betwixtmas or between Christmas and New Year

So what do you do in the twilight zone between the two celebrations especially if on a two week break? If my emails are to be believed you sit in a darkened room online shopping for all the bargains or if a lover of frantic crowds (retailer’s desire) you shop in person scooping up the offers in the sales.

Me, a break from the first feast of richer food than normal. The eating up of the food that remains from festive meals and Christmas presents full of calories. A chance to catch up on sleep and most importantly reflect.

Online I am offered the opportunity to participate in #teacher5adayslowchat on Twitter, a chance to think and share about well-being. It is the time of year pre resolutions to look back a year at blogs for #teacher5aday resolutions and #Nurture1415 ideas before drafting and publishing new resolutions with a hint of reality and achieveability, deciding for #1516 how many targets I set to be sensible.

I am thankful for the chance to see many of my family in the past few years to meet Doug, a Canadian cousin last met in 2001. As shown in previous posts I spent three and a bit days with both of my sons together – a first in a long time for reasons shared in several previous posts. 

I will go shopping, I hear a possible washer dryer replacement on the horizon. Visits to favourite art supply shops – it may be cheaper online for some items but I enjoy the wonder of the art retailer. The gym, neglected a lot last week before the new annual surge of members who will have disappeared in many case within a month.

How do you spend your betwixtmas?


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