Thanks to #teacher5adaype

Earlier in the year, in October,  I took part in an initiative called #teacher5adaype in which Jonny McLoughlin (Twitter @MrMcLoughlin_PE) provided a month’s programme of exercises. Included were points about hydration, rest, balance and some exercises I have not done in a while.

I had just joined a gym as part of my mental health therapy / recovery and became hooked on the ever increasing reps / seconds combination of wall sits, planks and squats. It’s now December, I have been into school so contracted germs of course and was looking for a sensible workout this morning as a spin class was out of the question. I took myself back to those familiar exercises combined with some gym taught stretches and managed three rounds of 60s wall sits, 60s planks and a combination of other stretches – did it hurt? Yes but meant that I could then do some steady cardio on the rowing machine and get back into the gym and feel achievement.

All I have to do now is keep exercising through the break pre the New Years resolution crowd joining up.


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