I am on holiday and I did return to my classroom

Two weeks ago I started my phased return to the classroom after a 10 week break. 

What was it like?

Four half days in school. I taught one lesson each visit the first week and two lessons on each in the second week. It was great to be back in the classroom, more so, my classroom even though things have moved around and it still needs that major declutter it hasn’t had yet as other areas of the department were sorted first for others.

Classes welcomed me back although I did pause to ask if not listening to instructions how these two actions didn’t quite match. I made classes work on the penultimate day of term – cruel me. Teaching just happened naturally, remembering characters and their individual foibles. I got to mark the two sets of books and get written feedback from them, two way discussion restarted. 

Essentially I enjoyed it but omg I am so tired and open to germs so I still got the end of term going into holiday germs.

Changes made?

– I have not looked at a school email outside school

– I have not taken work home or done any school tasks outside the school grounds

– I have avoided conversations about longer plans and just focused on immediate tasks

– I have spent break/ lunch around other staff being sociable

– I have caught up with a variety of pupils and chatted with them at the start / end of the 


-I have successfully started to trial the pomadoro timing method to focus on admin/non 

   teaching tasks

Lessons for January 

When I first return to three days per week I need to work my day, use non contact for marking, planning, take breaks for myself. Leave promptly and build energy levels so that at least once per week I can go to the gym in the evening after a day at work.

Work the phased return sensibly and build on the ideas discussed through my phone counselling programme and self reflect each day.

Enjoy my time in work and then enjoy life away from work. 

Twitter et al.

I have already decided to reduce commitment to outside events but will be attending some meetings, exhibitions, conferences but keeping energy levels and family balance in mind more. Twitter has seen less comment from me- notable as some others have commented on it. At the moment that feels right, we will see longer term how that develops.


A return to full time working and keeping to my new habits – I will continue to blog how it goes. If it’s of interest read about it, if not it will be here anyway for my own record of reflection. Here’s to a balanced life…


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