Going on a bear hunt, oops, no a sketch crawl

No animals were hurt in this event or knees damaged from crawling around.

So what is a sketchcrawl? It is a group of people who like sketching getting together in one area or on a led route visiting and capturing the atmosphere, architecture, life of the area in an artistic form. It may include painting but often starts with a sketch. It can be on a menu, a sketch pad or a mobile device or …

It is about sketching live. Yesterday I took part in one with the London Urbansketchers at Borough Market just south of the River Thames. The event ran from 11.30 to 16.30 and in that time market goers found a variety of people, over 20 of use drawing and / or painting around the market place. Some were sat on foldable stools, others sat at cafes sipping at rapidly cooling drinks between pen/pencil/brush strokes, others stood to the side of busy routes through the market. There may have been other teach inquest, these are what I saw or did.

Now, this week rather than go on about my sketches in detail on here I have started my own Sketching blog. The link will take you to Saturday 7th’s post on the sketchcrawl. If you fancy joining one let me know, look up urban sketchers online or make up your own with family, friends, colleagues or even strangers.


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