#TLT15 a reflection from a non attender

This year, I got my #TLT ticket for the third year in a row. I looked forward to attending, arriving early to stick signs up with blu tac and just help out as I did pre TLT13 and TLT14. I might wear an alternative to the globalsolo hat seen at TLT14 but I would just attend to meet, network and gather ideas for my own learning and ideas I might take back to the department.

If you are a regular reader of my blog you are aware that the last few weeks have not gone to plan, so knowing that being surrounded by very capable educators talking shop would actually be intimidating I returned my ticket so that someone else could attend.

So Saturday 17 October I woke up at Blu Tac o’clock. I tweeted to some friends attending and took part in the #teacher5aday chat especially. I drew some sketches based on photos and comments tweeted. So I felt that I was there in spirit. I could socialise but I still could not cope with the ed. stuff.

I hope to attend TLT16 if the event continues and I am enjoying reading the reflective posts through sites such as @staffrm.

  The hat from TLT14 that several mentioned.
  Twitter references and logos.
  UKEdchats pod which apparently only 4 people spoke to, a shame for Martin, but I am sure there was a lot going on, there always is.
These count as early pieces towards #teacher5adaysketch.


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