Falling apart, glue fails…

BANG, the glue undoes, a day which has felt like pieces. By Monday evening thanks to some supportive friends chatting on Twitter things started to look up. I went to bed determined to get up, push ideas forward this morning…Tuesday has been a write off. Appetite has forsaken me – a true rarity, but have eaten some late lunch. Energy levels plummeted. Today I returned to bed, sleep, tears and only awoke when someone knocked vigorously at the door, espied out of the window – I was not answering about drains and gutters. A late lunch, light but food nonetheless meant that I was up. I have had to accept reluctantly again that I am ill. I am not returning even after a week. Tomorrow I go back to the gps and ask for more time. My meds increase again from tomorrow, no side effects on 1.5x previous dosage.

I keep telling myself I will come out of this just don’t know when. Wife went out but apparently was worried about leaving me alone – well thoughts have not been that low, phew.

This afternoon one achievement, a friend and art teacher had given me an art / sketch challenge – I did ask first – so my unique interpretation of Balinese girl by Vladimir Tretchikoff has been sent electronically and I look forward to feedback.

This evening, I stay in and just be. Tomorrow is a new day.


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