Glueing, tacky …

Well it’s Monday…I didn’t post for Friday, Saturday or Sunday…more exercise at the gym distracting myself, more walking, sketching, reading… On Saturday I kayaked five miles with my wife, the water was calm and we had a peaceful trip. I do not know that I could exercise outdoors on own as mind tends to take a downward spiral, the gym doesn’t allow that as I am pushing myself each time.

Sunday saw an effort to try and think about school, fairly unsuccessfully, poor sleep and today Monday I am tired – so a long called for exercise rest day. I started low, tried to go food shopping with wife. Almost had a panic attack in coffee shop before shopping. Managed to get breathing under control but retreated to car with bought magazine. Able to read a bit and look at tech pics.

In conversation online yesterday saw others mention marking – flat response to, planning, guilt / flat response; shared number of #mh events in one month – one friend suggested get out of teaching and put health first. I do not know, to be honest. Read a piece this morning about a book on resilience but aimed at surviving first five years of teaching….did that but changing challenges and demands have made job much more demanding.

So, where do I find myself today? I am not in any fit state to be around larger groups of people at the moment so standing in front of a class is not possible. Gradually I need to look at what the issues are… Last academic year drained me so much more than I acknowledged and I feel in a limbo currently. So rest, read, sketch…not exercise and strike today off.

For anyone following this series of posts thank you, any ideas, comments please make openly on here or mail / direct message me on Twitter or FB wherever we are in contact as many of you who read these posts are.


3 responses to “Glueing, tacky …

  1. To be honest I would say you need to get well and whilst you are teaching I cannot see how that is possible … I have had minor mental health issues over the last couple of years and I know a busy, fearful term can bring them back…. You have had more to deal with than I and it is your health that is more important than anything else at all…. Before you can be kind to others, you have to be kind to yourself.

  2. Wow!Your blogs are very thought provoking,
    I have a challenge for you, can you sketch a picture of Chris falling from the mountain bike into the nettles all those years ago!
    Best wishes to you and Ann. Sending positive thoughts to you.
    ‘In two three, grab two three out two three’

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