One week to go and in a great place

Nearing the end of the school year, previous posts have shown my mood has undulated but now I am back in a positive place and actually don’t really want my first year in post to finish in someways.  What has brought me back to the mood I should be in;

– open discussion with SLT in curriculum decisions in school

– judging over 50 entries in our inaugural John Muir Award competitions for Art, Photography  and Originality

– sending off for completion certificates for pupils who have done an extra 8 to 10 hours of work this term outside lessons. Also the awards for the three core staff involved.

– presenting at PedagooLondon last Saturday and meeting friends new and old

– attending a local Global Learning Project hub meeting to look more carefully at how we educate about global issues in my current school

– signing up to a pan European project through an Italian contact I first made three years ago on Twitter

– taking pupils out and discussing how they want to lead on improving our school pond area and linked discussion with one of our science technicians along the same lines

– positive feedback from ex year 11s on how my teaching was for them this year

– positive feedback from other year groups that I am not moving on to a new post

– three approaches from LinkedIn to see if I am interested in posts and glad to be in a place where I don’t need to take them up on it.

– the school prom…and a night of dancing … Great time and many happy memories.
All good reasons – how is your end of term going? 



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