Half term / bank holiday reflections of a teacher…not working for a change 

Nothing earth shaking, just thought I would reflect on recent months as I have actually slowed down for a change rather than trying to fill every moment.

So this week last year I went for an informal interview and was appointed to my current post as Head of Geography. Well, it has certainly been an eventful and packed year. The pluses far outweigh the negatives, but I have probably sacrificed too much of myself at times so I will make sure that offers of support are accepted in the last half term so everything is shipshape for September and I have the energy to enjoy the summer break.

I have taken part in reflection programmes in Nurture 14/15 and Teacher5aday,have they worked? Well my mental health has been better this year in general. I am finding myself gradually getting back into a doing things out of school phase – ie. last three Saturdays I have explored nooks and crannies of London completing the Shaun in theCity art trail. Best of all, most with twitter friends, many found through previous #BDAmigo correspondence and mutual support – we are all teaching again in a variety of settings.

My teaching – generally much more effective and I have had the pupil response that the department is developing a more effective provision. TES article from Friday – wrath has appeared in my demeanour recently and it is something I must address.

i have dropped some of my outside commitments, a shame but to be honest it’s fine I have gained time and it’s a great feeling.

This post rambles, it doesn’t have a clear purpose – does that matter ? no as it works for me- most of my posts don’t get that many reads anyway and it means I sat still. If you have read

it and have any insights please let me know as comments on blog or tweet or just say to me.


2 responses to “Half term / bank holiday reflections of a teacher…not working for a change 

  1. Carole Harding

    Rambling is fine – it lets your mind be creative and relax. That’s what holidays are for and it’s why we need them. Enjoy.

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