#Twitterati Challenge

Apparently I get to  name five people who regular inspire, challenge and make me think. These are people who I am lucky enough to have met through Twitter but more importantly have also met and in most cases worked with in some form or other on projects. I have been nominated twice – Emma Kell (@thosethatcan) and David Rogers (@davidErogers).

I have left the rules passed onto me by Emma Kell at the base – if I break rules so be it…

In no particular order…

1) one of the topics I have earnt a reputation for on Twitter is my honesty about my own Mental Health and the support from a fab group that includes the #BDAmigos. they led to me working with Iesha Small (@ieshasmall and @mindshackles). Iesha has been into my home, spoken to me with my wife Anne and shared my tribulations – she is one of many fab friends I have made due to my pronouncements and openness and I value her support very highly.

2)  I work in the London borough of Havering and through work with cross curricular ICT I have met and made strong links with @haveringict and in particular @penny_patterson. There are more I could mention – gosh 5 is hard work.

3) My Teachmeet taxi chauffeur, mate, ed idea inspirer has to be Martin Burrett (@ICTmagic). We met at TMEssex in Feb. 2012 and have shared organisation responsibilities for Teachmeets, spoken alongside, nudged the other for ideas – a great go to guy.

4) Another cheat, I am known to some as one of the Two Andys where I am one, but in fact there are two that share the title: Andy Day (@Andyphilipday)  fellow geographer, solo taxonomist and great pal to chat things through. Andy Lewis (@iTeachRE) better known as a talking donkey when I first met him.

5) Geographers …. As David Rogers said there are so many, two that stand out from the Medway GeoCollective Camp are John Sayers (@JOHNSAYERS) and Dan Raven-Ellison (@DanRavenEllison). Both epitomise my type of geography – fun, active, quirky but with great learning throughout as a constant thread.

So, so many more including many global friends I chat with often..there we are all of you can carry this on maybe.

@teachertoolkit ‘s rules are: 

  1. You cannot knowingly include someone you work with in real life
  2. You cannot list somebody that has already been named if you are already made aware of them being listed on #TwitteratiChallenge
  3. You will need to copy and paste the title of this blogpost and (the rules and what to do) information into your own blog post

What to do?

  • Within 7 days of being nominated by somebody else, you need to identify colleagues that you rely regularly go-to for support and challenge. They have now been challenged and must act and must act as participants of the #TwitteratiChallenge
  • If you’ve been nominated, please write your own #TwitteratiChallenge blogpost within 7 days. If you do not have your own blog, try @staffrm
  • The educator that is now (newly) nominated, has 7 days to compose their own #TwitteratiChallenge blogpost and identify who their top 5 go-to educators are. However, as I am a rebel, I nominate everyone. You are not the last to be picked in PE again

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