’s what holidays should be for…

Okay, apologies to colleagues who have still not broken up for Easter. What do you use holidays for? As a parent holidays have many functions, from appointments catch up so that term time is as precious as can be, for family visits, for visiting places, for getting away…they are so busy. Rest in the holidays is what I need and luckily after a busy day of places to visit yesterday where a steam train timetable set limits on when and where we had to be (meeting the needs of younger son). 

Taking a break in Norfolk where the weather makes us check forecasts every day to avoid the heaviest rain or wind gusts. I am slowing down, I do feel at ease and apart from ringing when someone thought I would run a history revision class school tasks have stayed off my agenda. Well, apart from being a geographer whereby every coastal walk includes, landforms, processes and coastal features. But hey as I have blogged previously I am always a geographer, it’s who I am.

This break is what I signed upto with #Nurture1415 and #Teacher5aday to look after myself and glad to report that overall it is working.


Oh, and apologies, but it’s the spring break so the shorts are back.


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