A day out…and some photos to use in the classroom or just admire

It’s Saturday, the youngest is off to a Gaming exhibition in London. Well, he is as Mum and Dad will travel up, drop him off and be around at the end of a phone to whisk back if need arises. So, what are Mum and Dad to do while he “geeks”? off to mooch. An original idea was the Museum of London, late change of plan – visit the area around Brick Lane where Dad has taken lots of photos recently. 

 We aimed to do less walking than a usual Dad the geography teacher mooch involves and limited ourselves to 5 miles and 3 distinct eating / drinking stops. 

 We walked from Tower Hill to St Katherines Dock and through the edge of Wapping to Tobacco Dock and then returned along the Thames path, past the Tower. later we saw Brick Lane, some of the markets, Shoreditch and Spitalfields. then a bus return to Wapping to collect a very happy gamer. 

 These are a selection of images from the day – photography, a record, but also a way to observe …

St. Katherine’s Dock and Google + enhanced photo.

Gamers queuing at Tobacco Dock.

Canal side housing in Wapping. 

London skyline looking west along the River Thames.

Keeping up appearances? Near Fashion Street.

Shoreditch BoxPark.

Well earned afternoon refreshments.

Thanks for taking a look.


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