Latest #staffrm contribution  #maythesanitybewithyou.

This is a post as a release mechanism after a very hard week. Since I wrote it I haven’t stopped crying. So how am I going to deal with that?

I am going to adopt a #BD strategy that works when such moments hit – darkened room, twitter in case I feel like conversing, curled up in a ball and tissues – today’s work demands – cancelled so that later I can be around people again. 

Why the heck would I blog something so personal, because #BD depression affects many of us and some of us want to shout out. I do not want sympathy, just awareness that today isn’t working for me – fact.


2 responses to “Latest #staffrm contribution

  1. That’s how I’m feeling today. Hope you are feeling better soon

    • I hope that your day improves or that you just have that time out needed. I did and was far better later in the evening and have awoken today rested and in a different more positive place.

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