Apparently this is an ongoing project which I heard about today from Iesha Small of Mindshackles. A pertinent day as today I spoke with a member of staff about my eldest and his ongoing issues and past history. This coupled with reluctant yr 11 GCSE students, tiredness and a sense of frustration of other departments attracting candidates for posts, while my department has an ongoing vacancy never satisfactorily filled for more than half a term since I started in September.

I take my meds, they work generally and today I, and my supportive wife Anne, reminded myself that it has been another hard half term. Three days to work through and give the best that I can. I am weary and I look forward to stepping back a bit from the treadmill for a week. There will still be things to do but rest will feature and family time, books to red and maybe even some exercise if I can spur myself on – we will see.

DMs on Twitter from fellow MH friends – the support network is great and I hope to be able to support others if I spot symptoms.

Thank you for this opportunity to reflect.



2 responses to “#adayinthelifeMH

  1. Always admire you for your grit in getting through challenging circumstances, Andy. With you all the way.

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