#Nurture1415 …going forwards…

Ok let’s be clear about this I am a traditionalist at heart so here goes my attempt at 15 targets for 2015. I haven’t planned it on paper like last December so beware and if you finish it please reward yourself.

Dec 2014 to Dec 2015

1) Family: (3)
– spend more time with parents – 2014 was a difficult year at times and
time should be maximised
– spend more time with both sons, whatever is happening in their lives
– couple time – Anne and I to get back into our dining / evenings out more

2) Self: (3)
– I have a kayak and a bicycle which both need more of my company
throughout the year and exploring far and wide
– Cedric, the cello and subject of a recent post, and I are to make music
more in 2015 and maybe even some guitar and the keyboard that is
currently hidden in the loft
– screens are nice and I can access and share information, but 2015 is the
year where I rediscover the pleasure of reading from books. I can start
with my recent purchases from Tate Modern: London Villages and I’ve
lived in London for 86 1/2 years by Martin Usborne

3) School / work: (3)
– I have two more terms leading to our first set of GCSE results under my
management. Three sets are under my tutelage, so mocks in January,
revise intervention groupings and work hard to a happy August results
– continue to develop our revised KS3 curriculum and delegate sections to
Adam and Michelle as we develop as a team
– more student voice and more hands on geography to make our
department a “happening” place

4) Twitter: (3)
– 2015 will see account no. 6 start with a departmental one so pupils can
follow and share geographical ideas, sites …
– @knillsocks to continue especially as a bumper load of new socks
hopefully being opened later today
– @globalsolo and @gasigict to continue to develop and facilitate
discussion and collaboration globally

5) Blogging / presenting / … (3)
– have another successful year with GASIGICT, Promethean Advocates…
– develop all of the linked blogs and Mishmashlearning to continue to
have less #mentalhealthmatters
– present throughout the year – BETT, TMBexley, PedagooLondon3??, GA
Conference, Northern Rocks, TMHavering2015?? TLT15??? ……

So 15 targets – that was far too easy, and there are so many more possibilities. As usual I will do a mid term report in June and End of Year report next December.

Thoughts, comments, reactions always welcomed.

…read this far? …..thanks you are very kind.


7 responses to “#Nurture1415 …going forwards…

  1. Reblogged this on The Echo Chamber.

  2. Some well thought out targets; good luck in working toward them.

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  4. Good to read, Andy – and my only thought is that sometimes we set ourselves TOO MANY targets, which ironically increases our chances of success AND failure!

    Is it worth thinking about which of the 15 plans/hopes/dreams matters most to you?

    And good luck – hope 2015 is a very good year for you and those you love.

    • Thanks Jill for feedback on both posts. Yes, I agree the number of targets is high. However, by having them like this is a way of breaking areas of my life down into smaller chunks. An easier way might be an overarching target for each of the 5 headings.

      At the end of the day these are words it’s the actions and reactions to events that will fashion my year. I look forward to meeting you at event(s) in 2015.

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  6. Books read / started / completed. Well a good start I have read part of my purchases from Tate modern bookshop. We have refefer to our RSPB book of birds while out on a walk at the local nature reserve yesterday.

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