Sir?????? Do you think about geography every day??

Yes, I was asked this by one of my Year 11s on the last day of term, and I had to admit that yes as I am surrounded by it everyday that it was a fair comment.

As I drove to Kent today to visit my parents I reflected on this as I studied landscapes, Eurostar train and link under the Thames, the newly configured Dart charge barriers so far… Yep loads of geography.

My Dad had mislaid a piece of paper so while searching through the recycling I just looked for his loss, well no as I found articles and mags on Civil Engineering which I know have links to things I teach. So I came home with an advertising leaflet from Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) which I have introduced as an International Aid case study regarding Ebola with GCSE groups this term. Then articles on flood engineering, road developments in the UK…

So do I think geography everyday ? Yes definitely, so off duty, on holiday but always a geographer.


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