A mishmash week …happy ending…

Well after last post on Thursday morning I took my day sensibly and later in the day felt much better. I avoided moving screens but managed to tick off a backlog of email requests from work, I felt that was making a contribution, I know,but I like to.

So an idea formed in my head even though work told I wouldn’t be in after the mornings rolling incident: what if I were to get up, prepare for work, monitoring how I felt at each stage and see if it was a possibility. I could modify my teaching, so less time on my feet, not use Interactive whiteboard to reduce glare and straining peripheral vision, I could handwrite on plain pen board.

Decision made, the plan was put into action. at no time in preparing did I feel light headed. The drive went smoothly, traffic was quite heavy which meant I could remain focused easily.

I arrived – dressed for delayed non uniform day. Surprise from several that I was in but reassured them that yes I would be teaching my classes. Lessons went well,I was back in my element. Topics included distinguishing between formal and informal employment using a Mali case study which allowed links to current media stories inc.Ebola and the charity responses, identifying links back to informal tenure and why shanty towns are populated. Later work on sustainable communities including BedZEDin Surrey using our core textbook (media awareness) and the linked website.

I was touched by the questions from staff and pupil enquiries as the rumour mill had me faint, taken home,in hospital …I was able to reassure.

A positive line management meeting; parent met after school and a dedicated group back for gcse intervention.

Friday was a good day.

Later took part in #satchatoc discussion with educators from: Scotland, London, USA, Hong Kong, China, Australia and Thailand. Fab …


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