A mishmash… Recent week

Well since my last post life has been varied. Many that know me will / may think “oh no” or am I self-judging again. I have had two episodes of going light headed / faint and dizzy in the classroom within a week of each other. The first time the asthma pump was needed to calm my breathing, not the second time. At home there has been a virus in the air and it may be the oneI have caught but it could have been from a variety of sources as I know so many people being ill currently. The first time I was reluctant to leave my class (Last Wednesday), the second time I was only too willing to leave with the school nurse. Pupils were great in a) fetching assistance and b) checking on me. In between, I was back in with full days Thursday and Friday determined to be well and meet commitment to Promethean Advocate weekend for UK and Ireland team.

This was the camel back breaking moment I think. I felt much better on Thursday and Friday. However, a six hour drive after school Friday and almost five hours back on Sunday meant that my energy levels were lowered and wham the virus won on Monday. The same seems to have affected my fellow advocates as 6/15 on the weekend struck down with a variety of symptoms. The weekend itself was educational, great chance to meet the group again, celebrate Jon’s birthday with Socks and Zebra and start to master new Classflow software to help promote as UK launch approaches.

This time the nurse and Head’s PA kept an eye on me – it took almost 2.5 hours until I felt safe to drive home. I had spent more time than usual on my feet with an active prep lesson making arrangements, delivering resources … The directive was clear – see the doctor, I had an appointment booked for Tuesday before I left – it seemed a better option in case I was asleep and unfit to travel Monday pm (a wise decision as it turned out). A steady drive home feeling ok and then two long 3 hours sleep as my body pumped out heat as if the national grid needed a hand. I woke to greet son and send him off to get his supper,then a return to the land of nod.

Between 3pm Monday and 8am Tuesday I spent less than two hours awake. I rested as that was all I could do. Stomach cramps woke me on Tuesday and food was needed but not easy to eat. I saw the doc and after some seemingly bizarre requests – yes BP lower than usual but healthy and wobbling eyes in lateral movment indicated inner ear / balance issue – labyrinthitis – a new term to digest and essentially motion sickness pills. I have two weeks to hope that these clear the issue or further appointments beckon.

Rest – well. I am trying to, stomach tells me loudly through rumbles and cramps when it needs replenishing and after eating not being welcome I am starting to follow a more regular pattern.

Worst bit mentally / emotionally…Teachmeet Havering 3, a new experience for my new school and sole responsibility as co-conspirator has own events to organise. So documents finalised, emails sent, Fb messaging… So event can run but under different hosts – thanks to Martin and Andy. I don’t get to present, host or evaluate if change of style works or not! I just have to wait and hear from others.

So late to sleep as body had slept enough. Then awake early – stomach speaks…

Time out … Follow up – yep I know OTT. I was determined to fulfill Promethean commitment, but I have to reassess my commitments outside the workplace – I know that. Rest, yes I am and will not be online much longer but enjoying the quiet before the day begins for others.

Please body, let me get back to school, to teach, to support the department, to develop the curriculum, … Yep I like my job and I want to be there to do it… And next weekend ?? Much much slower I promise and family time too…


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