Coming out the other side … To ….Dip…why…don’t know ….BDAmigos

For those who read the dip post during half term. It took 2 to 3 days and then distraction through the form of a visit to London to visit the …. No, the poppies at the Tower and City Hall to see photos linked to the Greater London National Park idea in conjunction with QMU Geography department. I was still wiped out, the crowds drained me even more but the dip was broken. The brain is firing again, I am sleeping better and a new half term beckons. Yes, it will be hard work but that’s my job. Thanks for those who sent messages of support on the blog and via Twitter it’s always appreciated.

Original post:
It’s half term, I had an intense first half term in my new post. My head will not settle to any thoughts for long; sleep patterns vary but are inconsistent; I am weary and low of spirit. Those around me sense it too, but there is little that I seem able to do. Exercise – no energy. Read – poor focus. Surf – some but again focus is all over the place. Rest – trying.

Why post this because I do a lot of my living through blogging etc and I just need to let this out. Solutions? Try and rest, stop trying to judge myself.., I know the theory, … It’s half term…routine broken and …


3 responses to “Coming out the other side … To ….Dip…why…don’t know ….BDAmigos

  1. Take it easy Andy; give yourself space for this; revival will come in its own time….

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