Cedric comes out

Cedric has been a friend for many years. He first came into my life as a teenager. We met through a mutual love of classical music. We have shared good times and bad. For many years now our contact has been infrequent, although I can visualise him sitting in the room with his case beside him. His case? Yes Cedric always has a hard shell case with him. He calls it his protective shell.

When Cedric speaks the timbre of his voice is a wonder to behold sometimes a little scratchy at first he soon resonates and sounds beautiful, you can listen to him for hours and if you close your eyes the sound echoes around inside your head arousing creative thoughts.

Now at this point I must confess, it is almost 6 years since I have held Cedric. Oh, sorry, did I not mention Cedric is my Violincello. He was bought for me by my parents when I was a teen. Found in a family’s loft his history was unknown but his sound was lovely. No craftsman’s priceless piece, a jobbing cello. He saw me through Principal cellist in my district youth orchestra. He accompanied me to stay with musical family friends in Bremen, Germany – his hard shell case still carries stickers from that trip in 1981. We went to college in Cheltenham where he was a regular in the show orchestra. After rehearsals we would run across the town together to get back for dinner at my hall of residence (FCH). Often dividing the coach line outside the Ladies College as we passed. Occasionally I was reckless enough to cycle back with Cedric’s case shoulder strap over head and shoulder. The traffic respected our presence by parting wider than usual.

We have played in school orchestras in Basildon, Harlow and Romford. We once joined an amateur orchestra in Broadstairs. Our finest hour had to be performing the Prelude from a Bach cello suites for a colleague’s wedding when they signed the registers – we practised for a year for that and I am still to see the DVD, but any compliments were given at the reception that evening.

Since then Cedric and case have travelled to the loft, the living room, a variety of bedroom corners but this week I opened his case. I had returned home weary, a headache meant that I could not read anything. I sat quietly and retuned his C string, the only own that had slipped – there’s reliability for you. Then I took over my son’s room and extended the spike and began to play. Soon said bedroom occupant appeared from downstairs to investigate. As tablets eased my headache I retrieved my glasses and the sheet music for the Bach suites and played through some sections. Within half an hour, my spirits refreshed and my skin reacting unfavourably with the dust and metallic strings I stopped, put Cedric back to bed and returned downstairs.

Why a blog post – because this was an epiphany moment for me and one that I need to repeat, why have I denied myself this pleasure for so long. Cedric is not on twitter (an account beckons? Maybe), he is an old friend with whom I share a skill – that of learning over many years to play a musical instrument. He has been part of my life for over 30 years and I am so glad that we never parted as many musical friends did with their instruments. I need to make more beautiful music with him as “Cedric is out and proud”.

Do any of my readers have long dormant musical interests or talents? Embrace them, share your music once more.


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