The phone call…

No, not Ofsted, but the one that a member of the office brings to say “…you need to ring home”. How often has that happened to you? Over the last 8 years fairly frequently, be it about one of my parents or my eldest son, there is always a portent of it must be important to be reduced to asking the office to find me.

At the moment I am sat, bag packed and awaiting the
next information from Kent regarding the health of my mother who has taken a turn for the worse. I am past the initial complete emotional outpouring which befell me when I interrupted a meeting to let the HT know.

Phone calls between siblings at different points on their journeys to Kent. A pause ……. in time…… then what next …?

Time will tell.


One response to “The phone call…

  1. Well I sat at Mum’s bedside on and off for an average of 6 hours per day for four days. I returned to work on the Monday. Mum, well she moved wards, qualifies for continuing care. Siblings arrived from Cambridge, Manchester, Essex (me) and New Zealand. Now we are in a sort of limbo or waiting for the next stage. The best thing was the whole family coming together to support each other.

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