Two weeks in …

I should be sleeping but … Ok looking back at week 2 in new post.

In week 3 I have an ex pupil coming in to school at the end of. Monday to talk to our EAL students about how she mastered her English and has just graduated from. Imperial College. She (VK) arrived fromRussia in Yr 9 and I remember the joy on her face when I translated an assessment revision sheet into Cyrillic alphabet for her – I never knew how accurate the translation was but the thought made an impression.

Tuesday, #Explore the new. Geography club begins. Last Tuesday there was a Freshers’ Fair event for new Year 7s at lunch hosted by the PE department in the Sports Hall. I had two notices on A4 and laminated, a notebook for a list of pupils interested and a loud voice – roll up roll up meant I was noticed, how many will turn up? I wait and see but plans include links with a number of schools globally, involved in the proposal to make London into the world’s first National. Park City and speakers, practical activities, fieldwork,trips …

Wednesday I will have a department meeting that will start to follow up on the Performance management discussions last week and our lesson observations from the DHT, my line manager. The full KS3 starter units sow will be made available and filing of resources that will be logical for all will start. We have made a good start and I look forward to the meeting.

The move from no GCSE groups last year to 5 is a shock from the marking side as they tend to write more but I am up to the task but time tabling where I have the lessons on consecutive days will need some thought.

I think that at Staff briefing on Tuesday it’s my invite to share solo taxonomy with the whole staff – I like the success and welcome this has received already. Display work linked to it needs organising before open evening in 3 weeks.

I have been asked about follow up IWB training by some staff so another service I can offer.

Also TMHavering3 had its first batch of tickets go live on Monday at 09:00, by the evening all 25 tickets had gone. Next batch go live on the 29th and 25 more will be available. Most presenters approached have confirmed.

There’s much more from the meteoric rise in knowledge of my socks having their own twitter account, to dropping into the Careers evening and having a good chat especially with the Army and RAF on direct use of geography in Geographic technician or air cartography sections. Finishing the week with a chat and few pints of a fizzy beverage for me (non alcoholic).

My settling in and being relaxed has been commented on and I am glad that I have been able to do that. Week 3 bring it on, but don’t make Sunday too busy, some more rest is welcomed.


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