The gift that keeps on giving …

Parenthood… What do you think of? Steve Martin with bath mats strapped to his legs? It is a “job title” that contains the favourite line, “… and any additional duties required.”.

Regular readers will know of my #Mental Health postings that has been a recurring fact for me and members of my family. Today again brought home the fact that moving on is not easy.

My wife (A) and I have just had a three day break to celebrate our 21st wedding anniversary and to take some time out. Three days? some say is that all? Yes, it is indeed. Youngest son is away currently on NCS (National Citizenship Service) currently from Monday to. Friday, as he can not be left independently we therefore have Tue to Thur available – our 3 days.

So eldest living in supported accomodation, so we have the time…oops, no he isn’t in the accomodation as he is back on a psych ward but “informally”. Visited him last weekend and no, not In a “good place”, we left drained again just from chatting. But, heh he is safe…oops,no he isn’t there anymore because things kicked off on Monday and he was moved to an ICU (Low security Intensive Care Unit). That’s ok he can’t go anywhere from there, we won’t have to deal with anything…

Tuesday no phone reception, so unable to contact but we have a good day. Wednesday, anniversary day, we will try enroute to ring. We did,we stopped the car in a layby so we didn’t lose reception again. We spoke to staff – same old, same old – no shocks there. Then we speak with our son…oops big mistake … For us that is; rants, claims, threats about actions, … He is in the right place – us unsettled but holding it together, we will visit tomorrow after our trip.

Thursday, sleep is still patchy, lots going on in our heads and hearts. Day starts ok but tiredness and tension catches up. Communication breakdown A and I struggling to cope. We arrive home, we decide it’s not happening, we can not go…

To be continued or life goes on …


2 responses to “The gift that keeps on giving …

  1. My heart goes out to you and your wife. You need to do what’s right for yourselves and look after one another. Not always easy but necessary. I had a very upsetting family time myself recently and have had to put myself first. Not normal for me but it kept me sane. (((Hugs)))

  2. You’re doing well… I’ve got friends with a son in a similar situation. Just keep going. You’re doing your best.

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