Management of staff pressure

Currently as we head towards a “level-less” field for Key Stage 3, we see many developments to show progress, making sure that pupils are aware of how to develop their answers. Any system that provides information that enables pupils to identify skills / content that will raise their attainment is to be encouraged. However, leaders / managers must consider the increased demands in terms of marking load they may be putting on some staff within their school. Changes to schemes of work or assessment are best done simultaneously as the systems are not mutually exclusive. Where you have staff with class allocations that vary from 4 to 13, there has to be a recognition that greater numbers of groups require additional time to mark effectively and new systems cannot be introduced as quickly as lessons are further apart.

A short post based on being a receiver of pressure. Do not think that I am against such systems. The information provided to pupils is valuable in guiding their future efforts. Just plan such changes ahead and consider what fallout is possible.


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