#PedagooLondon 2014 and the post-event dip

Yesterday, I attended an event that I had been looking forward to since TMHavering. My second pedagoo at the Institute of Education and evening pub TM organised by Helene. Meeting tweep friends before for a drink and food then onto help Kev and Helene with arrangements led to sitting on the reception table on the 8th floor landing.

A great keynote by Rachael Stevens and off to four sessions where Twitter chats come to life and more tweeps met. I am not going to blog in great deal as others will do this so much better than I shall.

I gained, I shared my own ideas on how I strive to be better for my pupils. Thanks to Anne Williams, Karen “KDWScience”, Mel and Debbie of Tweeks (NOT twerks) and finally Rachel Jones for their great ideas. I got to make Foldables, a straw bridge, failed completely to throw a ball of string web and learn.

Kev Bartle gave a great link to how many miles we have travelled through space in the last12 months and how we use that time more effectively.

Such events – Teachmeets (small and large), Day meets – TLT13 and Pedagoo are my Informal CPD. I know about the because I have an online presence. Meanwhile back at the ranch, no one has heard of many of these events I attend knowing that I am amongst friends and colleagues with an improvement agenda for their own practice.

The news that I shouldn’t pigeonhole myself as “good” or “Out……..” Or the “other two” where I sometimes perceive myself is sweet heaven – I can just concentrate on using my new learning to try ideas, reflect and develop.

So why a post-dip? Because I am tired, too much sugary lemonade last night as alcohol no longer features as meds and MH are more important mean I feel slightly rudderless.

I can discuss and share so many things online, but back at the ranch I am on a different planet often, and seeing a week ahead of trying but not being able to share is hard. Yesterday confirmed how many of the ideas I am trialling and reflecting on are starting to work and I am genuinely pleased with that. The globalsolo network continues to grow and lead to great conversations – but so much is at away grounds.

Yes, I need to hold onto my positive thoughts, six months of varied Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) has reminded me that as have my various #BDamigos. Just the act of doing this post has an uplifting impact.

And onwards…Lots to do but in a non rushed way, pick myself up,brush myself down, be mindful and onwards…

Thank you to those that chat with me, read my tweets, reply and feedback on my ideas, sometimes you are so valuable because you remind me that I am doing work that matters. I must just keep my head under the parapet and share ideas when they are welcome.


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