Half term is over … Onwards

Well third post in the half term. This time looking forward to the run up to Easter break. It’s been a hectic week as hinted at in my last post. Yet again I have learnt many things that I never thought I would, or even needed to learn, but I have. I have taken the opportunity to review the CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) that I have done since September. I find myself focussing on the present and taking things a step at a time.

My lesson plan design post has been my most popular post ever and some of the feedback has been very encouraging, including people keen to see it being used – there’s a question to ask in school.

My planning for this week has started and looking at my wording of my learning outcomes and solo station tasks to offer true differentiation. Tomorrow a data trawl to see how best to sit the groups this half term so everyone can be stretched and possibly even bring a mention of a growth mindset in , when encouraging pupils to aim higher.

Two weeks to PedagooLondon2 and my workshop choices are booked. It will be good to catch up with many friends and colleagues. In school, we have year 9 options evenings and parents evenings.

School trips have returned from South Africa and skiing in the Austrian Alps. The Poland Commenius trip has set off and later in the terms group go to New York – we are truly becoming an International school – let all this enhance the learning.

Enjoy your return to school (or half term if that’s happening where you are).


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