It’s half term and …

OK, faithful followers and twitter pals. 2014 started, not as positively as hoped for,but it certainly started. I’ve reread my Nurture hopes for the year and doing better than I thought.

Jan 1 – the global twitter aspiration – @globalsolo is born and now on February 18 there are just under 800 members (knock me over with a feather). The blog has had over 2000 views. I wore custom printed globalsolo items to the BETT show and Teachmeet. I also presented at TMHavering, which Andy Lewis and I organised.

Jan – certificate to return to work ended on13/1, I was ready. Occupational health appointment and follow up meant I didn’t get into the classroom until Tuesday 4/2. But, the return has been good. A phased build up which returns after half term.

Jan – son leaves hospital (see previous posts), under cloudy circumstances but lands good supported housing place,a fresh start and a chance to learn those independent living skills.

jan – I continue to do and complete my CBT online course (8 weeks) and my self esteem group therapy course (8 weekly sessions). I now use techniques without even consciously having to remind myself.

Feb – back to school, and as usual when planning for that return I reconsider my #7e based lesson plan, and find myself modifying inane including a number of strategies I have been using / developing / discussing (see previous Feb. post).

Every class starts with mindfulness based breathing exercise to ground class – it’s new but they cope well andI get to practise mindful calmness several times each day. Solo taxonomy is back in the room and I using what
I am telling others about.

Teachmeet havering is a success, 80 in the hall and 50 following online stream from the wonderful Leon Cych. A variety of presenters including William from Atlanta (no, he did not come just for our Teachmeet). A happy evening and a chance to use solo taxonomy at the end to evaluate the learning by actively involving the audience. See L4L online for footage.

Almost half term looking up and crrrrrassshhhhhhhh. Son factor, parenthood – the learning curve, or as I am now thinking, overhang continues. Yesterday I saw my son in his new homeless guise. Today he’s back Ina police station, tomorrow – who knows. But, and it is a very important one – I know that his Mum and I have done everything to support him and now we are taking a step back because self preservation is also important for us and his younger brother.

So a reflective post, lots of positives, some patches of gloom but my BD is not back and I a finding positives in every day. If you got this far, thanks for your patience and reading.


One response to “It’s half term and …

  1. Progress on so many fronts. Well done

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