#BETT2014 and #TMBett14 or #TMBett2014Fri. 24/1/14 – part 2 – one end of the hall.

Part 2

Reminder: 2014 guises I was attending under

– clothed in my new @globalsolo attire to prompt conversations about the new venture and growing network (550 members as I write this post).
– an advocate of pupil Digital leaders, a topic I presented about last year and I had planned to take a group this year until myMH absence put pay to this.
– a Promethean (UK & Ireland) teacher advocate team member to see people on the company stand including a number of fellow Advocates who had signed up for the show
– as a co-organiser of TMHavering on Tue 11/2/14 to drum up more attendees and ticket sales
– as a geographer looking for lesson ideas and apps that I could include I the work I do with the Geographical Association Special Interest Group and ideas for my workshop at conference this year on apps for beginners
– as a classroom teacher who wants to know what is available to enhance the awe and wonder in lessons
– to network and meet a variety of Twitter , blog and Teachmeet / PLN. Friends face to face,some for the first time
– to be at the world’s largest Teachmeet in the evening In a passive audience role, a first since a TM in Redbridge in 2010!!

On entry to the hall I headed to the start of the numbering sequence. On the way I made the first of many visits to Promethean to see any changes to the product line and meet fellow teacher advocates. Off to explore, now that I am not collecting leaflets for one and all I get the chance to be more selective. I went to find @MrSwickPE from WES who were promoting their teacher planner app. Having read a tweet the day before I received a promo code. Then the other purpose we had discussed was an explanation of how to explain Solo taxonomy using hexagons – an example, a badminton lesson. It was great to explain the idea.

I worked my way up the hall Rising Stars was next meeting @Dawnhallybone, @AndreaCarr, @Eyebeams, @ICTmagic. A bit of a chat the off to explore more. I saw that @Gr8ict and the lady Lumley Digital leaders were speaking on the Stone stand which. They had done so well in 2013, so. I decided to return for their talk at 12.00. If I use the exhibition guide which I rarely use on the day I could cite other sites visited. I had reached the arena in time to wish @TomHenzley (?spelling) and his DLs well for their Arena presentation – I had followed their blogposts from the train before I had left that morning.

The back to Stone and Lady Lumleys, their new members, work with feeder primaries and digital badges gave rise to more ideas for my school leaders when I return.

A visit to Promethean meant I saw the promotional video our team had made for the new ActivTouch board and I had my picture taken with the video behind. I was finding that. My new beard was throwing several people who almost didn’t recognise me.

Off to Rising Stars to hear @DawnHallybone and @Ideas_factory present a range of ideas. I made it through most of the talk before again spotting friends walking past and going to greet them.

My energy levels were dipping so I headed back to the Arena area to start on the second half of the hall and some refreshment.

To be continued – if travelogue / diary ramblings are too much then do not read further postings ( I have warned you).


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