#BETT2014 and #TMBett14 or #TMBett2014Fri. 24/1/14 – part 1 – reasons for attending and getting to show entry.

As some of my readers have noticed my new (ad)venture @globalsolo is dominating my blogging time at present. So I am going to post about my visit to these events here and copy the post onto globalsolo.wordpress.com too.

So in my mishmash approach / role the BETT show fulfills several functions. No longer do I attend as the school leaflet packhorse carrying many bags of assorted information. If I see ideas that may help others I pass on information, more often these days in e-links or names to contact.

So 2014 what guises was I attending under?

– clothed in my new @globalsolo attire to prompt conversations about the new venture and growing network (550 members as I write this post).
– an advocate of pupil Digital leaders, a topic I presented about last year and I had planned to take a group this year until myMH absence put pay to this.
– a Promethean (UK & Ireland) teacher advocate team member to see people on the company stand including a number of fellow Advocates who had signed up for the show
– as a co-organiser of TMHavering on Tue 11/2/14 to drum up more attendees and ticket sales
– as a geographer looking for lesson ideas and apps that I could include I the work I do with the Geographical Association Special Interest Group and ideas for my workshop at conference this year on apps for beginners
– as a classroom teacher who wants to know what is available to enhance the awe and wonder in lessons
– to network and meet a variety of Twitter , blog and Teachmeet / PLN. Friends face to face,some for the first time
– to be at the world’s largest Teachmeet in the evening In a passive audience role, a first since a TM in Redbridge in 2010!!

Think that covers it – can you see why I use the name Mishmashlearning?

I count myself very lucky that Martin Burrett (aka @ICTMagic) has become a good friend and we have travelled to, spoke at, organised with and encouraged each other at events since first meeting in Feb. 2012 at TMEssex organised by Danny Nicholson in 2012. Martin offered me a lift to and from the show door to door andI accepted.

Our day out starts just before 9am when Martin pulls into my road. Our journey to the show guided by Google seems to be optimistic in its estimate of travel time. However, a virtually traffic free run sees us travel from Essex to the Excel centre before 10am. We chatted on route about a range of shared interests and projects.

He knows where we go having parked here on Wednesday. We make our way upstairs. I encourage Martin to use his press pass (@UKEdChatmag) to go ahead and avoid the queue. Just after 10 we are going in…

To be continued – if travelogue / diary ramblings are too much then do not read further postings ( I have warned you).


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