2014 and my first post addresses two of my #nurture1314 aspirations. This post is education based and involves twitter, cross curriculum links and global working. Since I started to explore the use of Solo taxonomy in my teaching I have sought contact with others using it. This has meant developing links across the world. When groups in the UK have gathered it has mainly been subject based and I have hoped for some overarching canopy or network.

Not one to shirk from an idea. I started yesterday afternoon by posting the idea of #globalsolo as a network through my personal account onTwitter. I invited DMs of emails to for a #globalsolo mailing list on how I envisaged this developing. By the evening I had created a new Twitter account @globalsolo, an email account and a new wordpress based blog ( and a Numbers based mailing list.

So 24 hours in,we have over 106 followers on Twitter from; England, Wales, Scotland, Sweden, UAE, Pakistan, Australia and New Zealand. Followers are mainly teachers so far but from primary education, secondary education and some university based as well. The mailing list is over 35 strong.the blog has a few initial posts which share how the idea maybe developed.

So my 2014 has started very positively. This is no short term project and one I hope will develop a high profile. All interest and suggestions welcomed.

Thanks for reading and a happy new year to my regular readers and any newcomers.


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  1. Wishing you all the best in this new venture!

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