#Nurture1314 – the 2014 predictions / wishful thoughts

OK, #nurture1314 part 2: these are aspirations like last year’s, I hope they come true but that can be reviewed in June and December next year. So 14 !?!

1) Self

1.1 Continuing to develop my BD management. Currently doing two therapy based courses and setting separate targets that include using my mood diary, mindfulness time, and increasing my exercise. (1)

1.2 Being in work, re establishing a good attendance record. Possibly changing jobs / school, although hitting 50 may hinder that (any offers lol?). Enjoying my teaching. (2)

1.3 Spending more time with family and not multi tasking when I have time off. (3)

1.4. Taking time out for exercise (1.1) and making increasing use of my kayak bought this summer as the weather gradually warms up. (4)

2) Blog

2.1 Write more posts and try to go back to a balance of more education and less mental health. (5)

2.2. Develop more contributions with @ieshasmall to the mindshackles project. (6)

3) Twitter

Develop more links across subject boundaries and globally. (7)

4) CPD / Presenting

4.1. Teachmeets – continue to contribute as a presenter, already signed up for Pedagoolondon2 in March and sharing a workshop at Northern Rocks 14 in June. Also joint planning of TMHavering in February with @talkingdonkeyre. (8)

4.2. Developing the pedagogy group in current school to generate wider discussion and some action research projects. (9)

4.3. To learn some coding as part of Key Stage 3 computing course – currently able to use Scratch and Hopscotch, just started online Python course. (10)

4.4. Delivering a beginners apps workshop at the Geographical Association conference in April in Guildford as a representative of the IT Special interest group. (11)

5) General

5.1. Developing the elusive balance between work and home or at least increasing the non working aspect. (12)

5.2. Celebrating my 50th at Easter. (13)

5.3. A desire for a happier year with less than 4 months hit by BD etc. (14)

There we are, comments welcomed on here or via Twitter.


3 responses to “#Nurture1314 – the 2014 predictions / wishful thoughts

  1. Thanks for this, Andy – and for your previous post. Reading others’ reflections has made me think about my life, too – what I’m proud of and what I hope next year will bring.

    I hope you’re having a very good Christmas break and that 2014 is a positive year for you – hope perhaps to meet you at #pedagoolondon2.

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