Using video instead of presenting f2f

Last week as I was waiting for the start of #TLT13 at Southampton University I received a tweet from my friend and colleague @ICTMagic that @i2ipartnership had requested an Introduction to Solo Taxonomy presentation for their Teachmeet #TMSurrey on Thursday 24/10/13. I retweeted his message knowing that Surrey would be too far to travel on a Thursday with a full teaching day on Friday. But no response.

So, on Sunday I tweeted. @i2ipartnership and offered a video with VoiceOver. I had already posted some ideas on introducing Solo taxonomy using drama for @HelanVictoria. I was due to go out to visit family and had 20 minutes to spare. The link at the beginning of this post was the outcome a quick film made on my phone with my son as cameraman in one take. I prepared the resources beforehand and nicknamed it a Garden Shed Production – watching the clip will explain. Traffic noise was a bit much, but I was pleased with the outcome. Wanting to check if it got the message across I sent it to some of my PLN including Pam Hook (@arti_choke) and Sonya Van Schaijik (@vanschaijik) in New Zealand, two great advocates and in Pam’s case author of Solo texts.

Thursday night I tracked the teachmeet on twitter and the clip seemed to go down well. Today I shared with my fellow #sologlobalchat host Alice Leung (@aliceleung) in Sydney Australia. So, for a small amount of effort I have been lucky enough to share my ideas even on the other side of the globe.

Feedback welcomed.

Today, a new video again for @ICTMagic and #ukedchat #Teachtweet (my 3rd entry) for next Thursday. A different approach so that I could practice my iMovie skills. Intrigued (probably not-lol) but will be shown on 31.10.13 – mirroring the calmer side of my character.

Have you made videos to get ideas across?


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