… A new morning … But

Well I slept sat upright,lying down was too scary I would havebeen in full curl up in a ball mindset. I am fighting it but flight is so attractive. Stand in front of my classes today ? Can I? Will I just fold into a heap?Tbh right now bursting into tears more likely. Laying my soul open is a hard therapy but one that I need to. I do not want to internalise the mood, one way to keep pushing it away and staying on the up side of the line.

Alarm rings – canI do it? Put on the mask? No today I fear has to be a step back day I do not want to be a liability for others – so instead I now have to work out alternatives – is my mind able to switch from despair chaos to organised? Lets try…


4 responses to “… A new morning … But

  1. You are doing a hugely valuable thing in sharing thoughts like this. Success stories, acclaim, boasts, competition personal accolades are ten-a-penny online… but that’s never the whole picture. Here is truth. Best wishes.

  2. I find these posts of yours valuable, my son was diagnosed with bipolar type II a few years ago at about 19/20, he had thought about teaching but had to pull out of his degree. So to start with I was interested in how teachers with mental health challenges manage the stresses of teaching. Now I find it so useful to give me an insight into some of the challenges that my son is navigating, so thank you and I hope this dip slips past as soon as possible.

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