… What am I doing wrong? omg another dip

It was such a good day… Meetings with the Headteacher linked to my training TLR role and sharing findings but the straight fact I have so many ideas to share but I need a Good or better observation consistently – why because I and observations are inconsistent,nerves and self doubt plague me.

T and L AHT looks through what I am doing — look out if trying to run before can walk idea for some of my ideas,collect student responses to support that solo is as good for them as I perceive. Will visit after half term and so on… Really positive.

Pm lessons fail to ignite -respond to class response to materials but what is happening?? Staff training on progress – will assessments attend of first unit support me – judging by start of evening marking, what am I doing wrong??

Why the heck would I post this because I need help from my PLN. I love my job, I love the camaraderie through events where I present and listen yet where it matters ….aaarghhhhhhhh. I am awake, I am low and I do not want to feel this way but right now I am questioning whether I am kidding you all.

Helpful suggestions welcomed.


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