#Solotaxonomy request

9 hours ago I received a tweet from @HelanVictoria – also addressed to @arti_choke and therein lies the first compliment. …”any tips on delivering #solotaxonomy at #teachmeet in 3 or 7 minutes?! #help”. My first response – of course and offered own solo presentations in. Keynote (iPad),PowerPoint or PDF format to cannibalise as needed. Then the reply- a non tech presentation,a pause and the memories of #TMEssex November 2012 and 3 gents assisting my tech presentation ( Vic Goddard [apparently well known], Phill Crossley [ my HoD] and James Abela [now working in the Far East]. Helan’s enthusiastic response engenders my feelings about Solo ie. “awesome!!! Thanks for your help. Think it’s a great thing for me to share with staff!

My initial response had been on. My return / break in journey from #TLT13 where I had commented to several fellow tweeps that Solo seemed to be “out there” much more than even 12 months ago. So long Saturday – sleep in, no wide awake at 06:30 but stay in bed to tweet and Helan is up on twitter at 7ish and so the conversation continues. Then Sonya Vanschaijik from New Zealand starts to post to – I love this global net I belong to.

Ok ramble / intro over this represents my free form brainstorming to demonstrate Solo to a teaching staff in a non techy way. Comment, disagree, like, add to to, edit, delete – all actions and response welcomed.


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