Solo taxonomy request … Part 2

Ok brain lets rock n roll –

Start – tell the staff what they are seeing or presentation piece with no title and garner feedback at the end? A personal choice for Helan I feel.

Needs: narrator (learner role) – Helan
Unistructural – first fact – brainwave, keen “go to” pupil – allocate role
Multi structural – 3 or more further facts
Open performance space possibly in the round so idea of mind and self reflection.

Intro. Max Bygraves -I wanna tell you a story (showing my age contemporary reference may fit audience better).

Learner walking through forest of trees (@DavidERogers see I was listening at the back,Sir – #TLT13 workshop 4). Out jumps / appears our first fact. State fact – turns away from audience – tabard/ unistructural symbol and name on their back starts line of quantitative facts. Walk continues through forest, fact accompanies but walks separately from learner.

Gradually other facts appear and join our merry band / group.

Reach a clearing in the trees. Learner stands encircled by facts – introduce multi structural idea or do run through as a drama piece and give characters names to audience afterwards.

Now the move from quantitative to qualitative and facts to thought processes.

For some reason – fact dependent or characters start to pair or link facts together into circles holding hands or dance in right hand star for example demonstrating a linking – use any subject for context, in fact do one subject: then challenge depts to make up own plays for their subject’s possible use.

Now relational demonstrated – not sure on how to play extended abstract – possibly concept of taking drama piece from one subject and apply to others.

Ok my brain has stormed – what do you think out there ???

Comments on blog welcomed or via Twitter let’s build this idea…


Ooooh on Twitter the discussion is starting @MrPeel pitches in with Lego based frame linked to Emily Hughes SOLO by Lego video or something to do with using strange ingredients in a recipe …


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