Looking after my mental health

Earlier this year I posted several times about my mental health. It was cathartic for me and colleagues who read the posts realised this once they had read the words and not just reacted to the idea of blogging about such personal experiences. Well we are into October and the school year has started fairly well.

I am being proactive, I continue to take my meds which for me provide (or at least appear to provide) a cushion to soak up some of life’s bumps and scrapes. I went through assessment with my local Trust and am currently 5/ 6weeks through a series of classes on Stress and Mood Management. I have had 2 of 4 1:1 sessions where I have chosen a focus (sleep patterns) and my registration has come though for the 8 week online Beating the Blues course which I have done previously as an ongoing support system.

Life is still throwing me the occasional curve balls but true to in-work agreement when I hit a dip last week I was able to communicate this to my line managers – I was not off, I got through it, but the awareness was there in case.

My earlier post today talks of a term where energy is flagging but looking at how much is being done it is not surprising. I am pleased that my mental health’s stability (relatively) means that I feel that I am fulfilling my part both at home and in work and I am not being a burden to others – it’s a self esteem thing.

I look forward to utilising my support systems and being there for friends and colleagues if they need support to. This post is as much an acknowledgement that I need to keep managing my mental health, I have great support and I feel that by being open hopefully I can help in my own small way to reduce some of the stigma surrounding mental health in the workplace.


3 responses to “Looking after my mental health

  1. Anonymous twitterer

    Thanks for sharing. I am a teacher with a pre-existing (ie before teaching) mental health condition. Can I ask what support structures I might be expected to have put in place? I currently have none, apart from a very understanding dept head, in-dept colleagues and headteacher. Thanks and good luck as the term progresses

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