Blogsync Sept. 2013 The Purpose of Education

I saw a link to Chris Waugh’s entry and realised 30/9/13 and less than an hour to deadline. So here is a rushed entry post. No fancy quotes just straight from the Mish or Mash.

I teach in a school, I teach people skills elsewhere- in the home, on a bike ride, out for a walk finding our way. I am a learner, a lifelong learner I will never claim to have all of the answers and nor should I.

So what is this enterprise, industry, job I invest myself in that names itself “education”?

We all develop as individuals over time, many influences affect us and we take what we fancy, need, told we need from those experiences. We learn skills, knowledge, characteristics. We share those with others through friendship, relationships, work.

I see education as the scaffolding to our lives. It is personal. We take many things from it in many forms. Yes there are formalised aspects of it that may help us exist in a society where we mix with others. We live in a natural world full of awe and wonder that some want to understand more than others.

The word central to all this is LEARNING .

My purpose for education- to scaffold and support part of the ongoing lifelong learning that we pass through. Some we will open our eyes to, others we will ignore, but as we live learning is all around us, let education celebrate that experience.

My brief and rambling contribution – does it strike a chord for you?

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