2013-14 A new year…

So, the first week is done. How did it go? We started officially with INSET on Tuesday. Information overload unfortunately is the only way to describe it and the acceleration from a good relaxed holiday even with some work in school to full bore presentations was almost overpowering.

Wednesday Year 7 start the day first, one of my new members of our vertical tutor group is in so 1:1 attention and visiting classrooms he will need pm. The rest of the form arrive and we get the admin side of timetables etc done, they go to assemblies at various points. We had covered all the required elements very quickly. So extra activities – we discussed the merits / demerits of the House system (our House Shakespeare came 4/4 last year). The only objection was either wearing ties for girls or the yellow house colour. This was encouraging. We allocated some new roles so our form takes a more active part in the life of our quarter of school.

lego shakespeare

pm – lesson time and a chance to use the new classroom layout, solo taxonomy and engage pupils in self assessment from the off. Over the three days; Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I involved my classes in my revised template for my 7es based lesson plans and IWB flipcharts; an introduction (for some a revision) of why sir is keen to use SOLO taxonomy for classwork and homework tasks but reference to how the skills and depth of answer  can be linked to level based targets as well.

Pre stuctural poster quipio

Staff in the Humanities area liked my literacy and marking bookmark which needs to go into wider production next week so there is a literacy reminder in all books.

The proposed KS3 geography homework programme with links to Berger’s ideas on redrafting got a mixed reception but we will use it for a term and evaluate at Christmas to see how staff have used the idea. The first year I have proposed new ideas and referenced staff to reading materials.

I got very tired by the end of Friday as not sleeping well and full on pace. My mood dipped but I held onto the fact that I was overtired. Today (Saturday) came the chance to relax while exercising

My son had worn himself out through excessive running in PE lessons on consecutive days so I was to kayak alone with our double kayak. I can report a great sense of well being, a positive look at many successes this week and I got a two hour workout to.

So on reflection a good week, many positive aspects, new ideas introduced to many classes, pupils engaged and sharing their work with others. Personal time allowing me to unwind and be outside.

The solo taxonomy and Ron Berger linked work will be blogged about in more detail as the term proceeds and this follows up several discussions on Twitter this week.


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