Walking the SW coastal path or Taking the family for a walk

First full day in Devon. Let’s go for a walk. We had agreed that we wanted (parents!) to visit Appledore where we had also considered a cottage. How far is it came the condition? Using the map I came up with an estimate of about 6 miles there and back (would my map based as the crow flies be reasonable?).

The River Torridge was at High Tide as we left at about 10am. We crossed the Old Bridge and made our way along the quay.



Boats came in all different sizes and as the picture shows different states of seaworthiness! The path follows the quay, then skirts Victoria Park where there is provision for lots of sports. The path goes inland around the District council offices. Through and around housing. Views from the houses at ground level are obscured by an important flood wall.


We start to head inland as larger houses take pride of place on the river bank. We walk up old tracks, down passageways to return to the water’s edge. We go under the new road bridge high above us.

(Taken on return journey looking towards Appledore)



The picture distortion is from the panorama camera setting.

The path continues, in the distance beyond some wooded cliffs we can see the boatyard near Appledore. The path climbs and dips as we make our way through the woodland and along the edge of farmland.


Some work on drainage is being down where the path crosses stream valleys.



I have a theory about why these are sited on the path but I would like your feedback. The picture will be used as a starter activity in the next school year.

As the path rises and falls we come across beaches with alternative low and high tide paths.


The path heads inland to work its way around the boatyard. The river contains relics of old boats

(This picture was taken on the return journey when the tide had fallen)

The road into Appledore tracks through the industrial end of town.




We arrive in Appledore, lots of cottages and narrow lanes and a busy quay.






We walked around, explored ate and then walked back. Both journeys took about 80 minutes but the return journey felt much shorter. The sun was now out as we returned across the river.


I hope you enjoyed our journey – the chronology of the images is incorrect.


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