App…lying new ideas

Using mobile devices is an ongoing learning experience as many of you will know. Technology never stands still and there are new apps appearing or us becoming aware of them everyday. Processing that influx of information is the hard part, deciding what to investigate, when to say no. During most weekends and especially now in the summer holiday I am trying to evaluate my collection and cull where needed.

This post focuses on producing posters or interactive resources to use myself and recommend to colleagues and pupils to use in their work.


Thinglink – available of apple devices for iOS 6. Also on

This discovery came from a conversation on twitter about sites where you could post images and add links. I investigated to find that you could add linked text or videos to an image. I will share my two trial goes, prepared in a rush so please excuse errors.

As a still image;



As a still image:


Try it for yourself and of course you do not need to be a geographer.

Quipio – again an Apple app

Use photos to add message or labels to. My thinglinks above are based on a series of posters I am developing for my Geography Alphabet which I have shared examples of at:


I could post about more apps and more examples but I am going to share my iPad poster folder and let you experiment for yourself. Plase post comments or send me feedback at @aknill on Twitter.

Toolboxes for teachers are welcome to repost if interested.



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