A week in the life … Part two

So, you have had time to look at the first post about the holidays. Wednesday was the Globe.

Day trip three: Ballet

The forecast is 32C and the ballet trip is not until the evening, so a later start. Going to the ballet had been on the to do list for many years and at last was to be realised. After Wednesday’s extra walking the plan was not to stray from the Covent Garden area, pre performance meal booked.

The train was hot, the bus was hot but the underground didn’t bear thinking about. We found our first cool drink at Sacred, the cafe at the back of Stanfords. A breeze and good air conditioning meant a cool down was earned. We then mooched around the shaded streets to the north of the market area reminiscing about shops that used to be there in the distant past.

Coolest shop – the house of fruit,with a little tech. browse. More sitting on the cobbles and watching the world go by until we retreated under the canopy to listen to the buskers.


The ice cream van on the left is apparently a House of Holland shop (gleaned from newspaper the following weekend!).


A meal at Brasserie Blanc overlooking the market and a fierce and welcome a/c vent. Then onto the Royal Opera House. A lift to ride up. Once inside we took a stage pic as most others seemed to do as well.


So Swan Lake by the Bolshoi at the Royal Opera House was fab.simple sets but magnificent dancing. We need to do this again.

Bus and train ride home and a rest day on Friday.

Youngest son returned from camp on Friday night so Saturday was a recovery day for all of us with another adventure awaiting…


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