Learning spaces

So over the last few years I have experimented with different classroom layouts; the horseshoe, lines, groups, large groups linked to ideas I have read about and seen displayed online and at events like BETT. The work of Stephen Heppell has provided inspiration and I have followed Juliette Heppell’s future classroom development with interest. As I do not have a large budget I am always on the look out for ideas.

To finish the term I decided to have a discussion lesson where I would share ideas with pupils and see what they liked/ disliked and considered possible in our school. The lesson included visual resources and a video link to Sydney, Australia as well.

The starter activity was to identify areas of school they feel they enjoy learning best in – lots of practical subjects were mentioned, but in some classes subjects where written work happens came to the fore. I linked this to the curriculum needs of written exams. They had limited knowledge of other products available but our school is conventionally furnished.

I was accused of tempting them with things we didn’t have,some suggestions they liked were considered and how we could modify them for our school. The room had been moved round prior to the lesson and feedback was taken on this as well.


We watched a YouTube clip from SCIL. Some objects were identified that we already have in some rooms.


Images were enlarged on the Interactive board and discussed.

Any changes to my teaching room in 2013/14 will be discussed on the blog. Other ideas welcomed.
I am looking to use whiteboards on desks and more use of Solo Taxonomy exercises using hexagons.


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