End of Year Quiz

I usually end the year with a quiz that I put together with links to topics studied, general knowledge and some news stories. This year I decided to produce a photo quiz based on our own school. It would link to geography and their knowledge of our own building with a final quirky round thrown in. The photo style drew a lot of the classes in and kept them busy. Below are some examples from the quiz:


The house system makes team selection easy.


For some classes this task involved a runner descending to the front of the grounds and back (we are on the second floor). One lad wanted to run off to gather information for the rest of the lesson.


One class was able to name the fuchsia rather than flower.


The EAL office poster was great as pupils read their own language or found it was not on the poster and expressed disappointment.


In recent years a number of murals have been painted in and outside the buildings. It was great to hear how the display was read.


As it says one of the new external murals.


The photos gave an opportunity to celebrate the work of different areas of the school.


Also the work of individuals and our high profile student leadership team.

What sort of quizzes do you use?

I have previously developed photo orienteering for Year 7 getting to know the school.


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