Making posters …

Ever since I have had mobile devices including phones, I have always taken many photos. These are stored digitally and are rarely printed so may not be seen beyond the computer or browsing through picture galleries.

As more colleagues and friends share images they have put together and apps they have tried the more I want to use my pictures in a more imaginative way. I have started to develop a Posters folder on my iPad2 where I try different apps out.


Some of the output has made it into lessons but mainly electronically via the Interactive Whiteboard. At the end of term I spent a lesson with all my groups developing ideas and gathering their feedback about Learning Spaces. I have now started to develop galleries I can use in my room, share with the department or maybe even use for cards to friends.

Here are some examples:


Keep Calm – introduced to me by members of the Digital Leader team as a personal way of venting thoughts but also a familiar format.


Phoster – using own pictures or news footage to look at a topic from a different perspective, e.g. River flooding.


Cloudart – a “wordle” idea for the iPad. Used here for key words in my musings online.


Quipio – created posters and then collated in “Pic Collage” to group ideas and ideas formulating to share with colleagues. Maybe a live Teachmeet demo opportunity.






…. and there you have it, a chance to brighten your home, classroom, friends homes or just be creative for fun.


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