Yes, the holiday has started and a nice lie in …. No nose bleed from son awakes household at 06:30 and delivery due that could be here from 07:00 but of course isn’t. So what is a person to to? Tweet of course, play with tech while relaxed and sat enjoying the cool.

A significant year this time as I celebrated 25 years in the profession – how did I celebrate? Some keep calm based posters liberally spread around classroom which triggered a few chats this week inc the how old are you… 24+25 = 69??? and the old favourite my oldest ex pupils are now ….42 shock gasp horror.


Thanks to my regular readers especially of the Life series of posts this last term. Things are brighter for me mentally, son is now off to next phase of treatment and I need to take opportunities to relax.

A great year in so many ways. Many new ideas tried and shared. Recent weeks, a discussion to gain student feedback on learning environments on what is possible and a room rejig looking for new concepts for 2013/14.

I will rest but I will also take time to read those lovely books purchased for birthday that have sat awaiting my attention. Sharing and developing pedagogy ideas and ways to enjoy next year even more.


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