Mental Health Waves

Well, for those who have read the previous life… posts you will know that life has been a bit of a roller coaster recently. Last week I kept to original target of returning to week after two weeks out. Generally teaching was enjoyable,back in the classroom sharing ideas,provoking thought but my absence was a standard “I was ill” with pupils. Some colleagues had read posts or heard answers very welcoming and kept a weather eye out for me over the week. Four days done,meetings, twilight session and then on Saturday the oomph drained but managed to pick myself up again.

This week started well but today got to attend a meeting where for the umpteenth time, my wife and I had to spend 90 minutes or so answering questions about the past15 years of bringing up our son. Facts remembered, specifics lost in the mist of time and emotionally draining. It was a relaxed atmosphere but still emotional afterwards. Total meeting time 2 hours followed by visit with our son.

The after effects on the drive home,a stop for lunch but a return home to sleep as drained. Feeling? Flat to low boundary.

Yesterday I had an assessment for MH support, on the form I had included a record of low points of last 12 months struck home and therapy will follow.

So I had my time out,I have returned to work and on the surface I am ok Hutu dee the surface the duck legs are flapping frantically. Summer holidays this year will include a large element of rest.


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