Life and its ups and downs

Well, my second week off work has seen my mood fluctuate. I have posted about mental health matters in previous posts and this continues to be an important part of my own week and for the family as well.

Events at home as previously posted have varied greatly recently. My son is now in a secure specialist adolescent unit (rarer than hens teeth) so the main pressure at home has been reduced. This was the trigger that pushed my own mental health out of alignment. I have used the week to follow educational debates online through Teachmeet Seachange from Sydney, Australia in the morning and Teachmeet George from Newcastle, UK the same evening. The other night (days pass me by at the moment) I followed the start of Teachmeet Pompey and later got involved in the ukedchat discussion on Twitter about the possible impacts of removing levels as a tool in schools. I found myself on several occasions this week spreading the message about Solo,a topic I have not blogged about for a while now.

My own self confidence has wavered and I needed reminding that the trigger for me this time was dealing with someone else’s MH issues. I am regaining my confidence and will return to work next week, I hope for a busy but emotionally calmer end to the term, that may come true it may not but I want to back in control.

How do others cope with these wobbles? I have signed up to extra MH twitter feeds and sites to gain more ideas in the future.


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