Life cycle…processes and flows

Apologies at end of life cycle (last post) on Thursday I was waiting … So, Friday after 5 hours restless sleep I went to teach hoping my mind could be diverted. I was involved in a conference call and taught all morning. I was having a good time, lessons flowed well, the classroom was good. The bell went and it was if my stomach and the floor had fallen out.I stayed on my own for a while. Text from home, no more waiting he was found – not coming home of course … Therein lies the 16-18 year old grey area. After lunch non contact time became phone calls to agencies about updating them on situation. Just before last lesson let HoD to keep a weather eye on me as focusing wasn’t easy and I was shaking slightly. He did as he had all day tbh. The lesson went well and I had taught and not fallen apart.

Home, club taken by a colleague. More phone calls. A new category learnt : Concern for safety – learnt and lodged. A tense phone call with son but later in evening capitulated and took phone charger (our idea) and meds to address the police had found him at.He was not looking good and then confessed he had not been feeling well for a few weeks – encouraged him to share with his professional support team and to avoid the risks thatstoppedthe meds working. Then we left.

Saturday, out in the morning at a blustery seaside that became warmer. Yes he was discussed but we enjoyed our time to. Got home and for about two hours ate and net surfed. Then the need for diversion kicked in. Start shed clearing, a pile of rubbish, more space and prepare for new shelving. Evening drew in and made three shelving units indoors, sad but calculated between removing old shelves I had put in and new units I unscrewed or screwed 222 screws which was why sleep started well. Contact – when we checked re meds text back to confirm.

Sunday, the three at home went their separate ways; model boat club at the park, singing with the choir at a local sponsored walk and me. Load the car and off to local recycling centre. Unlike centre I normally use no provision for non-recyclable / general waste. So a large bag to take back home. Off to Staples for green marking pen restock. Then a diversion to usual centre and sighed detritus gone. Mind fighting behind get on and hide. Some down time and went for nap as eyes couldn’t stay open but first I phoned him and he answered ( rare in these circumstances) and checked re some stuff in she’d but was he avoiding stuff that affected meds? NO spoke calmly didn’t ask about coming home, resisted.

In conclusion so far, he has a need to go at times. Our wish, he’d let us know he’s safe. Feelings? Jumbled and exhausted… But at least we know where he is.


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